Unikrn eSports Mobile App

Creating cohorts through engagement

Designing a mobile app to help drive engagement on the website through use of a mobile app.

The Project

Create a mobile game that would incentivize users to visit the site daily, and give an introduction to what the Unikrn.com platform is.

The Team

An Engineer who specialized in Android Development, Visual Designer incharge of look and feel of the product, myself leading product design and UX.

The Problem

Creating Cohorts

On the main website, Unikrn.com, we had users, but they would visit once and never come back, or come back after several weeks. We needed to create repeat users who checked on Unikrn daily.

The Goal

Increase rate of returning users & daily engagement

The betting lanscape is a foreign market to the US and being such the design has back somewhat lacking.


Metrics that matter


Making something new

This project was a little different than most of my projects. We started off by getting the team together to discuss our newly launched Unikrn.com site. I put together a dashboard showing our initial User Analytics and it showed that most of our traffic was coming from the US and that we had a less than 1% returning user rate with an average session duration of 18 seconds.

This led me to believe our current audience was coming from a location where betting wasn't legal so some education might need to take place, and that since the users were not familiar with a betting environment there would be no value for them on the site.

Brainstorming Ideas

Where to go from here.

I began concepting some ideas and came across the idea that bridging that gap between gambling and eSports could be done by using a mobile game that could assist in teaching users about gambling on eSports.

The initial idea was to make a voting game where people could log into the app with their Unikrn account, and be given a simple option, which is better. The backend would randomly pick two things based on their classification and pair them for the user to pick between. Example: Two weapons from two different games would appear, an Infinity Edge (powerful item in League of Legends) VS the Lich Kings sword (from World of Warcraft.) The user would pick between the two and then see the result of what everyone has voted so far. The user would get Unikoins for each vote and after picking 10 times they would them get to wager their Unikoins on predicing the winner of an upcoming eSports game. The user would have to check back to see if the game won and if they earned any more Unikoins.

The problem I came across when testing this with our initial audience is that they would just spam through the questions and 80% of users would always select the object on the left side. Anytime a user is trying to work around a system I always try to rethink the objective and see if I can improve the experience.

My solution to this was to instead of letting the users vote presenting them with questions, a correct answer would earn Unikoins, an incorrect answer would not. This led the users to really pay attention to what they picked so they could earn more Unikoins to bet with in the end. The downside to this approach however was we had to currate more content in order to create a replayable experience, in order to mitigate this we enabled the users the option to create questions and submit them, upon approval the user would earn Unikoins for creating a question.

Rapid Prototypes

Hitting the ground running.

Because of our tight deadline on this project we really went straight into development. I initially made a quick and dirty interactive prototype using invisionApp. This allowed us to get some quick feedback and begin development on the Android & IOS applications.

We spent around a week on the first iteration in order to get it up and running, after the first round we did 3 days of user testing and analyzing the feedback. From there another week of implimentation then on to a final launch of the product.

Final Product

Ship to test

I wanted to get the product into the hands of a our users to test the results and see where improvements could be made, so we went forward and released to the Appstores.

The first round adopters provided great feedback on what their painpoints were, many of these were our power users whose goal was to earn as many Unikoins as possible, so the app was used regularly by them.

Because of the app we were able to have a consistant touchpoint for users without using Mailchimp to keep them engaged on the site


Did it get better?

We found that support tickets lowered, and general engagement raised overall on Unikrn.com due to the apps release. When users would finish using the app they would naturally transition over to the main website to spend their newly earned Unikoins.

Even though we got great results from the app, we decided to let it run it's course with minimal maintanance and no new features, we pivoted our energy towards growing the main brand and used the app to suppliment our new users in educating them about Unikrn.